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So the rumor was true. Indeed, we’ve been expecting since February 2022, that Air France would reopen the gates to the general population. 

Selections were never fully closed as some commercial pilots who already had their application on file, those approaching the recruitment age limit (not communicated but expected to be 60), those coming from the ENAC state flight school, as well as military pilots who Air France is committed to interviewing, were being assessed months before the announcement.

So, what does this opportunity mean to aspiring and experienced pilots looking to join what is probably the best airline a pilot could dream of joining? 

The latter point will be debated in a further post as Air France is not exempt of internal issues, demotivation and even disarray amongst its employees despite sky-high salaries and objectively excellent working conditions… Despite having used strong and ethical recruitment processes for decades, the airline’s safety record is historically quite low. Surely these factors will come into play and eventually one way or another come to affect an aspiring pilot’s well being.

But really, and despite all that, Air France represents for most pilots able to speak French to an FCL 055 Level 6 and holding the right to live and work in the EU, by far the best opportunity when starting out a career.

  • Based in Paris
  • Excellent pay and benefits
  • No type rating to pay
  • Union protection
  • Major airline
  • Unlikely to ever go bankrupt
  • Fleet diversity
  • Longhaul network
  • Large but not unmanageable network
  • Few really tricky destinations once on Longhaul

As a low hour pilot, the offer is just too good to pass. We, at Airline Selection Programme, encourage you to not waste a minute and to apply for this great opportunity.

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